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  • 7 tips for looking after your lawn in winter.

    7 tips for looking after your lawn in winter.

    Feed your lawn

    The best solution is to apply some iron and seaweed (in liquid form) to your lawn. This tonic for turf helps to reduce plant stress, and hardens grass to protect it throughout the colder months.

    Keep of the lawn

    Try to rest the lawn as much as possible during winter by keeping of the grass. If practical don’t go on it when wet or frosty. As grass is not actively growing during this time, it will not repair itself if damaged until the spring.

    Don’t mow the lawn

    During the winter your lawn should stop growing and therefore...

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  • How to mow your lawn – Tip 3 – Vary Your Mowing Patterns

    How to mow your lawn – Tip 3 – Vary Your Mowing Patterns

    Each time you mow your grass, mow it in a different direction to the last time. Let's face it, we all get into the habit of mowing our lawns the same way everytime.

    When you always cut your lawn using the same mowing pattern, your grass learns which direction it’s being cut from and begins to lean in the direction you mow.

    By varying the mowing pattern, and thus the direction you cut the grass in, you help avoid forming ruts in the lawn.

    The benefit is that the grass will stand up nice and tall since it will be mowed from all different dir...

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  • How to mow your lawn – Tip 2 – Mow a dry lawn

    How to mow your lawn – Tip 2 – Mow a dry lawn

    The best time of day to cut your grass is in the early evening. Mowing your lawn at the peak of day, when temperatures are highest, stresses both the lawn and the mower.

    If you wait until the early evening, the lawn is usually dry (unless it has rained during the day), the sun is not as strong, and the grass will have plenty time to recover before the next afternoon’s heat arrives.

    Even if it hasn’t rained, lawns are usually wet in the morning because of moisture from dew or fog.

    If it does rain, wait for your lawn to dry before mowing, ...

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  • How to mow your lawn – Tip 1 - Set your lawn mower high

    How to mow your lawn – Tip 1 - Set your lawn mower high

    The grass cutting season in the UK typically starts around mid-March to early April when the weather begins to get a little warmer, which in turn encourages the grass to grow.

    The grass cutting season generally ends in October when the temperature begins to decline and grass growth slows down.

    These dates will vary each year depending on the weather and area in the country you live in.

    The golden rule of mowing your lawn is to only cut the top 1/3 of the grass blades at any one time, even if this means you have to cut the grass again after s...

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  • Lawn Care In The Heat

    Lawn Care In The Heat

    Now the weathers getting warmer your grass should start to grow and thicken up. For best lawn results you should have a think about purchasing a good fertiliser and mow a few times a week. 

    As the weather in the UK is currently pretty hot, you should most definitely spending extra time and care on giving your lawn a water every couple of days to avoid dry patches and brown streaks.

    By mowing the lawn a couple of time a week and adding fertilizer you are promoting growth in your lawn - this helping it to stay healthy, become strong and thicke...

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  • Spring Time Lawn Care

    Spring Time Lawn Care

    Spring is an important time of the year to start looking after your lawn.

    After the winter period it needs looking after to give your lawn a good start.

    As the grass starts to grow after its winter sleep, it’s important to set your mower on a higher setting so only cutting the top off the grass over the next few weeks of mowing.

    This will help the grass to grow quicker and after a few weeks you can set your mower back down to a lower setting.

    The aim should be to keep it at the same height all through spring. For most lawns this should be...

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  • Measuring Your Lawn

    Measuring Your Lawn

    Before ordering your garden turf, it is important to measure the dimensions of the lawn correctly to ensure you don’t underspend or overspend on your order. Although garden lawns come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, they can all be measured accurately using the following method.

    Firstly, you should try and measure your lawn by dividing it into several smaller squares or rectangles to calculate the total surface area of the lawn itself (especially if the lawn is an odd shape or designed in an “L” formation). It is important to...

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  • Ground Preparation for laying grass turf

    Ground Preparation for laying grass turf

    Having supplied and installed thousands of rolls of lawn turf in the Nottinghamshire area, we have developed an important ground preparation process to guarantee your new lawn turf is laid successfully. Without the correct preparation, your new lawn will fail to reach its full potential and could potentially die off soon afterwards.

    Firstly, our team will use a cultivating machine to clear any stones, vegetation or other types of debris to produce a smooth and even surface on which to lay the turf. A rolling machine will then be used to determ...

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  • Laying The Grass Turf

    Laying The Grass Turf

    Once the ground has been levelled and correctly prepared, the new lawn can be laid. You should never walk on newly laid garden turf, which is why we use wooden planks and boards when working on site, avoiding any damage to the ground surface or the garden turf itself.

    Firstly, strips of turf are laid around the perimeter of the lawn. The next strips are then added across the longest straight section before continuing across the lawn in a brickwork pattern.

    Every individual strip of garden turf is laid with care and precision, making sure the ...

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  • Watering Your New Lawn

    Watering Your New Lawn

    After your new lawn turf has been supplied and laid by our team of professionals, it will need a generous watering within half an hour of the installation process being completed. This is important to help the roots of the turf to become established and to effectively bond with the topsoil beneath.

    Using a sprinkler system connected to the end of a hosepipe will ensure the water will be spread evenly and consistently across the entire surface area of your lawn.

    The watering process needs to be carried out once a day, every day, for the first ...

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  • Lawn Aftercare

    Lawn Aftercare

    After your new lawn has been laid, it is important to care for it accordingly to help it reach its full potential. Once the roots of the lawn have been established and have started to “knit” with the topsoil beneath it, the grass should not be left to grow for too long before an initial cutting.

    If the grass grows too long too early, then sunlight may be prohibited from reaching the base of the grass roots, which may stump future growth of the turf.

    We recommend that your lawn mower is set to the maximum height the first few times you mow...

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  • Lawn Turf Nottingham

    Lawn Turf Nottingham

    If you’re looking for lawn turf in Nottingham, look no further than Marks Turf & Landscapes. As the leading suppliers of lawn turf in the Nottinghamshire region, you can count on a quality product, supplied with excellent customer service, laid by skilled professionals who take great pride in their work.

    The perfect way to achieve a beautiful and healthy lawn, our garden turf is competitively priced and is freshly cut to ensure consistent levels of quality throughout. We can typically provide a next day service for customers living in the No...

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  • Lawn Turf Mansfield

    Lawn Turf Mansfield

    At Marks Turf & Landscapes, we supply a comprehensive range of garden turf for commercial, private and residential customers, all at highly competitive prices. Whether you’re a homeowner with a new garden space, company with a business park or a local council in need of some quality turf, you can be rest assured that Marks Turf & Landscapes will deliver beyond expectation.

    Centrally located, we are ideally positioned to serve all customers throughout Mansfield and the surrounding areas with our quality selection of garden turf.

    We pride our...

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Our Rating

Highly recommend Mark's turf uses high quality turf to give a professional looking lawn... fantastic job mark many thanks

Bryan Timmons

Mark is a very fine Person and responds to all communication promptly. I was impressed with the turf he laid in my back garden. Such a good job, and I will recommend him to everybody.

Koo Emma

Incredibly pleased with the service offered by Mark. He did the job of laying my lawn quickly, easily and to an excellent standard. I would definitely recommend.

Chris Gilmore

Extremely happy with the quality of the turf supplied and delivered. Very happy customer and would definitely highly recommend

Mrs Jo Wilson

Excellent service, great service and price. Not a weed in sight. Very pleased indeed.


Ive been laying turf for 20 plus years now and this turf is by far the best ive used. Better than rowlawn medallion. I will use it from now on for lots of happy customers. Thanks again mark


GREAT SERVICE AND GOOD QUALITY TURF. And bark all done really fast happy with it and has good advice also.


Delivered early lovely and friendly and good quality turf would recommend

Sam stevenson

Great job by Mark from the quick quote and advice to the excellent workmanship getting our yard turfed in just one day.

Mat Hanson

Mark done a gravel driveway made a lovely job not bad price.


Mark came and transformed my whole garden it’s amazing well recommended


Reasonable price for a difficult job. Done with a professional eye for detail. Would recommend highly, no reservations.

George Buck

Great job. Thanks Mark. Communications, quality of work, price all excellent!

Trevor Buck

Mark has done a fantastic job transforming our garden. He came out within 24 hours to give us a quote. Laid new turf and trimmed large hedgerow. Left our garden very clean after the work was carried out. Would highly recommend to friends and family.

Michael & Clare

High quality turf delivered and laid Highly recommend in the nottingham area Thanks again Mark


Quality products and workmanship Fully recommend transformed my garden would defo have him do any more projects #marksturf #numberone #quality

Ashley Robinson

Excellent quality turf. Delivered on time. Would definitely recommend.

Dawn Boot, Nottingham

Mark has completed full fencing around our garden, excellent work. Our neighbour also had his lawn lain with top quality turf, both jobs were done quickly and to full satisfaction.

Michael Fulwood, Beeston, Nottingham

Transformed a tatty overgrown garden into a lovely landscaped garden. Thank you. Recommended!!!!

Ashley Robinson, Nottingham

Brilliant job! Mark is great at what he does. Transformed my grandparents garden. Recommend 100%

Abi Gibbons, Gedling, Nottingham

Supplied and turfed the back garden at my parents. The turf and work was quality and still looks good to this day a year on. Mark is very friendly and great at what he does. Would definitely recommend

Tom Burton, Nottingham

Mark has just been to lay new turf for us and I am so, so happy with the results. Mark is so helpful and hard working- roll on more sunshine so we can enjoy our beautiful new garden!

Jo Richardson, Newark Upon Trent, Nottingham

Excellent service, very thorough with the preparation work, would recommend using this business.

Sharron Russell, Hucknall, Nottingham

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